VSCOM - NetCom Plus 211

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The Ethernet to Serial Gateways NetCom Plus connect RS232 or RS485 devices to a network with TCP/IP.

VSCOM - NetCom Plus 211

The Ethernet to Serial Gateways NetCom Plus connect RS232 or RS485 devices to a network running TCP/IP. These Serial Device Servers are rugged industrial devices with metal case and DIN-Rail or wall mounting, further supported by ESD protection on serial ports, power input and USB.
The NetCom+ 211 provides two RS232 ports.

Windows Driver installs Com Ports

The driver for Windows operating system installs Virtual Com Ports. These operate in the same way as built-in ports, but via Ethernet or optional WLAN 802.11b/g/n. Easy-to-use Installation and Management software guides users trough the configuration.

High Speed Serial Ports, Low Power

The serial ports allow data rates of up to 3.7Mbps in RS422/485 or 1000kbps in RS232 modes. The ports also allow every non-standard bitrate up to 150kbps, and many more (e.g. 1Mbps). The USB 2.0 port supports USB-COM Plus modules, to add more standard or isolated serial ports. The USB port may also connect external WLAN. The gateways demand 4W of power or less. The flexible input allows for various sources of customers choice.

Easy Configuration, versatile Operation Modes

NetCom+ are configured over Driver Panels and WEB Browser. This is also possible via serial Port, Telnet or SNMP. NetCom+ provide Driver Mode, TCP/IP or UDP connection, and many operation modes beyond those.

Secure Remote Access for Monitoring

For NetCom Plus series there is a software option using the viaVPN Cloud system ( to be remotely accessed and monitored over Internet. viaVPN provides secure and strongly encrypted access, without any reconfiguration of existing firewalls. The access to the firmware via Ethernet or WLAN is extended by via VPN over Internet, protected by a VPN tunnel. If the Com port is not occupied by local access, also remote operation over Internet is possible.

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