SECOMEA - Explosion Power GmbH chooses Secomea and reduces its customer support costs

When the profitability of a power plant is based on the constant functioning of an automated cleaning device, one thing must be absolutely certain: The device must perform optimally at all times. For Explosion Power of Lenzburg, Switzerland, the issue of monitoring posed a major challenge. The company has over 400 Shock Pulse Generators in operation in over 20 countries around the world.

The Shock Pulse Generator is an online boiler cleaning device that generates automated pressure waves (shock pulses) by burning gas mixtures under pre-pressure. The vibrations generated in the boiler ensure that deposits adhering to the heat transfer surfaces are loosened. Shock pulse generators are used in waste incineration and power generation in a wide range of applications: from biomass power plants to coal-fired power plants to filters and much more.

The Solution

Explosion Power chose Secomea to monitor and access the Shock Pulse generator fleet by integrating a SiteManager 1139 into each control cabinet. Communication takes place via a SIM card and a mobile phone network or the customer's Internet access.

The data exchanged via the SiteManager and the LinkManager enable Explosion Power to monitor the performance of the Shock Pulse generators. This keeps the boilers of power plants clean, ensuring optimal economic efficiency.

Explosion Power's customers also benefit from this. Because with the help of Secomea, Explosion Power has been able to reduce long-term maintenance and support costs.

Our distributor and partner in Switzerland, SATOMEC AG, has supplied Explosion Power with Secomea's remote access solution. SATOMEC continues to support Explosion Power in the use of Secomea.